Since its establishment in January 1980 manufacturing guards, bonnets, boot lids and spoilers for Datsun, Toyota and Ford Escort rally cars, Aerotech has been at the forefront of the NZ Automotive Body kit market. During this time we have seen a great number of changes take place both in the design, manufacture and installation of these products worldwide.

Design trends internationally are mostly influenced by the leading manufacturers in Europe and Japan. Although New Zealand is no exception, we do try hard to inject a little local flavour into our styling.

Aerotech Original Designs are created in house alongside the production facility where our dedicated team of  professionals pride themselves in producing a quality product that compares with the best the world has to offer.  All Aerotech products are constructed using the best materials available, as are the moulds from which they are produced.  Aerotech parts are built to a very high standard and are designed to be not only aesthetically attractive but are also manufactured to fit correctly.

No one was ever disappointed because they bought our quality.

Graham Marley, Director